Comfy Periods

Empowering girls to know their bodies and how they work, and to have the sanitary supplies for comfortable menstrual health management.

Girls learn to appreciate and accept themselves as girls. The availability of sanitary pads enables girls to attend classes on a daily basis which boosts their self-esteem and confidence while giving them a better chance to compete favorably in class, leading to improved academic performance.


Each girl in our rural partner schools and all those who cannot afford pads in our urban schools get a monthly supply of pads. Girls are able to attend school each school day, be comfortable in class and concentrate more on their academics. Girls are also taught to make reusable pads to help their peers in the villages who do not have access or cannot afford to buy pads.

As one of the members said, “I have a big smile on my face because I know I have pads each month, I do not have to check myself all the time and worry about shaming myself.”

In partnership with Empowered Girls Africa, ILAVA Gives Back will mobilize a distribution of sanitary pads to 100 girls.


It cost $2 per month for one girl

$24 per year for one girl

Total to raise: $2400 for 100 girls

Every time you shop with ILAVA, or you donate to ILAVA Gives Back, you're a part of the contribution towards economic and social changes for those who have been left behind.

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