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ILAVA is a socially responsible lifestyle brand that uses fashion to empower women and inspire change around the world. Part of our mission is introducing our community to the beauty, creativity, and richness of ILAVA's Tanzanian heritage. We offer immersive trips for curious, adventurous, and enthusiastic ethically-minded travelers. 

Experience Tourism-Gone-Right

Our trips are for conscious consumers and aspiring social entrepreneurs who want to travel the right way.

  • Learn from Tanzanian and Kenyan women makers leading the way in the ethical fashion industry.

  • Experience the wide grasslands of a Tanzanian savannah and the star-filled night sky. 

  • Visit the Tanzanian coastline and swim in the Indian Ocean.


ILAVA is derived from Nyamwezi, 

a Tanzanian tribal language

which means 

"It Can Be Done!"

Photo by Efraem S.

Take a guided tour through some of the incredible places to stay in Tanzania

Tarangire Safari Lodge

Maramboi Lodge

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