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Msichana Collection Fashion Launch


The Collection aim to support MSICHANA INITIATIVE, Bicycle for Enhancing Girl Education in Bahi, Dodoma.
Msichana Initiative is a non profit organization in Tanzania established to advocate for girl's right to education in Tanzania. This includes addressing and finding solution for key challenges, which limits girls right to education. The initiative seeks to ensure this inherent right is given to all human beings.


Most of secondary school students in rural areas walk to school. School location and distance from household limits girl performance in the classroom, pose challenge in the regular school attendance as well as participation in extra-curriculum activities and after school events. Those who walk long distance to school arrive late and most of the time physically exhausted, which affect their ability to learn. This situation puts girls at a high risk of sexual harassment, pregnancies and early marriages causing them poor academic performance and/or forcing them to drop out of school. The situation therefore limits opportunity for the girl student to access education and constitutes gender disparity in school settings.


ILAVA will to donate 20% of MSICHANA COLLECTION towards Bicycle for Enhancing Girl Education in Bahi, Dodoma.


50 Bicycles by the of 2017.






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